Here are two of our favorite descriptions of Guerrilla Gardening:

The illicit cultivation of someone else’s land.
– Richard Reynolds

Gardening public space with or without permission.
– David Tracey


Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening (LAGG) started on a summer night in Hollywood, CA in June 2008. We started as a group of friends looking for a fun activity and a way to brighten up a local neighborhood. After our first dig, we had an outpouring of support from the community and soon realized what our mission as LAGG would soon become:

To get our hands dirty by starting gardens all over Los Angeles and to be a resource for other potential Guerrilla Gardeners interested in brightening their own communities.

We have had Guerrilla Gardeners as young as 10 and as old as 80 get involved in some of our gardens and continue to meet new people who continually help us create a sense of community.


Who is Mr. Stamen?

 IMG_0133In 2008, Mr. Stamen thought it would be cool to celebrate his birthday by getting his hands dirty and beautifying his neighborhood. So he gathered some friends, found some orphaned land and dug in. His gardening background consists of digging for worms and catching bugs, but over the past 5 years Mr. Stamen has been committed to learning about succulents and CA Natives.






Who is Roly Poly?

RP_0062_blackRoly Poly’s favorite part of Guerrilla Gardening is the community (and the much-needed cold beer after a tough garden).  She loves seeing strangers come together to do GOOD and become friends along the way.  In fact, three of LAGG’s dedicated volunteers are now some of her closest friends. Roly Poly grew up begrudgingly helping her mom in the garden, but never thought she’d be running an actual gardening project in a city as big as Los Angeles.  The social aspect makes it enticing, but Roly Poly admits there’s something truly remarkable about putting your hands in the dirt and bringing something to life.