Subcultures | by SoulPancake

We were excited to be a part of a Soul Pancake series about subcultures and the final piece gives a little inside to how we make all this happen.  Kudos to the SoulPancake team for their professionalism and a job well done!    

Toyota Charged Life Campaign

We’ve done our fair share of interviews and even a commercial or two for LAGG and we truly are proud of this one. And Toyota didn’t pay us to say that. We really think this explains what we do and represents who we are. Take a look for yourself.

Urban Farm, Clandestine Seeds


This is a great article on GG all over and we are so honored to be featured in it. We also love that our section is called “Work as Play”. PDF of entire issue – article page 50

Local CNN Interview

We were excited to chat with Brad Pomerance about LAGG and how to get involved. This might answer any basic questions you have about guerrilla gardening and how to get involved.

ABC 7, Los Angeles

We were very excited to have ABC do a story about our Spaceland dig as well as our project at Cassidy Preschool. Phillip (the newscaster) was SUCH a trooper. He had the pick axe in his hands more than Mr. Stamen did!


Guerrillas in the Midst by Leon Kaye Activism. Activist. They are words that many people love to shout out. To me, they often give me the creeps. How many times have you heard someone say, “I don’t eat THIS” or “I don’t buy THAT” or “I don’t do ALLOFTHEABOVE.” My response is: it’s always easier […]

Foam Magazine


Gardening is No Longer Strictly the Province of Retirees by Kate Williams The term Guerrilla Gardening sounds violent, but the Guerrilla Gardening movement is a peaceful one , in which devotees plant and cultivate land not stirctly thier own… Read full interview with Roly Poly (PDF)

Huffington Post


Guerrilla Gardening by Sarah Newman Can a radical social agenda really take root in Los Angeles? …I had the extreme fortune of stumbling upon one such group last night while driving with my friend, Jenna. We were at Highland and Wilshire Boulevards (a fairly prominent intersection) and noticed a group of people in orange work […]

ABC Nightly News

ABC came out to one of our first digs last summer and just aired a segment on Guerrilla Gardening tonight. Agent Bulbil321 is featured and there are lots of faces from LAGG. National news…very exciting.

Chicago Tribune


Gardening as an act of Revolution? by Ramie Becker The term “guerrilla gardening” evokes a gritty, iconic Banksy image come to life — fighters in balaclavas, moving in shadows, poised to pitch their grenades. Except these bombs are filled with seeds, not shrapnel. The guerrilla gardening strategy is this: Find an unused plot…Read more