Wilton & Sunset | The LAGG Homecoming


Back in 2008, the Wilton & Sunset Garden was LAGG’s very first mission! We turned that dry, tangled stretch of dirt into a garden oasis that has been blooming ever since. The reality, however, is that it had recently seen a period of neglect and this mighty group of ten mostly new gardeners was tasked […]

Skate Board Mom

Special thanks to Skateboardmom for this great donation. She’s building a skate ramp in her backyard and needed to get rid of some agave and jade plants. Mr. Stamen and Roly Poly visited Laguna Beach for a great donation! Some of these plants will be put into the upcoming Wilshire & Highland garden and the […]

Poiticians Aren’t So Bad

August 25, 2008 :: Wilton & Sunset We had some interesting surprises at the dig tonight. Los Angeles Councilman, Tom LaBonge stopped by to say hello and scope out the mission. Not only that, he brought ice cream for everyone! We also had a very excited new troop member stop by to find out how […]

Warm & Fuzzy

June 25, 2008 :: Wilton & Sunset Another warm and fuzzy today…Josh and Sarah stopped by to tell us that the garden made them feel proud of where they lived. Special BIG thank you to Melissa, Maribel & Heidi who walk by on their way to school everyday and water their favorite flowers! Jerry came […]

GG Sign Stolen!

June 22, 2008 :: Wilton & Sunset The Guerrilla Gardening sign has been pinched! Spoke with Luke while I was watering plants.  He talked at length how he liked the garden, would love to see edibles (working on that for future projects), and talking to the community counsel about legitimizing the garden. Buck helped me […]

Ken & Juan

June 20, 2008 :: Wilton & Sunset I was driving by the site today and saw two strangers at the garden and had to stop. So many thanks to Ken and Juan for showing up with two watering cans full of water!  (Seriously made my day and made me feel great about the garden and […]

You Don’t Need Words

I was weeding today at one of the guerrilla gardens (Wilton & Sunset) and finished the second half of the mission solo. Which is something I need to do more often. It truly is a sort of meditation. And getting a weed out from the very bottom of its root is a satisfaction I’m not […]