Events & Fun

Rock ‘N Crawl
We boarded the Red Line Metro and gardened at 9 different stops with LIVE MUSIC at each one. You can check out the full post or just watch the video here.


Seed Bomb (Bar) Crawl

Seed Bomb (Bar) Crawl | Greenhaus

We ran 990 stairs, created 7 new gardens, threw 167 seedbombs, had a few drinks and did it all IN THE RAIN! Special thanks to everyone who showed up in the rain and we can’t wait to do it again!  You can see more pictures on the original post.


Park[ing] Day LA



We Can’t Rap
LAGG attended an ACE workshop and got to take part in some of the activities. Groups were asked to rap about each other and what they do. We had a blast. We also met some AMAZING highschool students who are going to change the world. Check out Alliance for Climate Education and SUPPORT them!


Seed Bomb Workshops
Girls Scout Troop 11854
Official LAGG Workshop
Animo High School
Manual Arts High School


Water [Gun] Mission
Gardens need water.  We need fun. So we fulfilled everyone’s needs.
Wilton & Sunset 2011

Wilton & Sunset Water Gun Mission



Crafty Mission
We spent an afternoon making pots out of old milk jugs.