Aug / 6

My Friend’s Place

August 1, 2013  |  My Friend’s Place Garden  |  Hollywood, CA

LAGG partnered with Music for Relief to help revitalize a corner in Hollywood.  We worked together to help beautify an important place in Hollywood. Right off the 101 Freeway at Hollywood Blvd, there is a safe place for homeless youth to fulfill their basic needs and find creative opportunities.  It’s called My Friend’s Place and has been helping homeless youth since 1990.

Our goal was to beautify the outside of the building and make it a more welcoming entrance for everyone.

And our work is always ongoing.  If you live/work close by, we’d love some help keeping the garden free of trash and watered.  Even if you only have time to grab a piece of trash or throw some water on it — we need your help!


Jun / 12

Wilton & Sunset | The LAGG Homecoming

Back in 2008, the Wilton & Sunset Garden was LAGG’s very first mission! We turned that dry, tangled stretch of dirt into a garden oasis that has been blooming ever since. The reality, however, is that it had recently seen a period of neglect and this mighty group of ten mostly new gardeners was tasked with reviving it. Returning to the place where LAGG all started, we were able to see the results of our sweat and muscle come to fruition– in the form of two tiny apples on our tree and dozens of bulbils ready to be harvested and planted into new gardens across the city.





We were also reminded of the larger role our gardens play in helping to beautify these neighborhoods when Greenhaus stumbled upon a couple of letters hidden amongst the leaves– one with contact info for a Lorenzo Llamas and a second professing an Angel’s love for a girl named Katherine. Was Angel enjoying a patch of shade along the LAGG garden while pouring his heart out onto paper? Did Katherine ever get the message? These sappy (pun-intended) notes are welcome symbols of a community that is the real reason why we get our hands dirty. Hopefully, these same people can help us not only to plant new seeds, but also put in the work necessary keep our gardens clean and enable them to thrive.


And special thanks to Councilman Tom LaBonge for sending over a crew to grab all the trash bags when we were done!

May / 11

Spaceland Garden

May 11, 2011  |  Spaceland Garden  |  Silverlake, CA

Dec / 20

Leimert Park

December 2010  |  Leimert Park  |  Inglewood, CA

This project has been in the making for almost 2 years! We partnered with the Leimert Park Community to help them through the Adopt-A-Median program. And…we’ve learned our lesson: guerrilla is waaaay easier. But I guess we knew that. Regardless, there’s a brand new garden in Leimert Park and the community is super excited about it!

More pictures coming soon.  In the meantime, check out the Toyota Charged Life video that features this garden.

Aug / 20

Pico & Main

August 2010  |  Pico & Main St.  |  Santa Monica, CA

Thanks to troop member, Kamquat, we’ve put in our first guerrilla herb garden!