Local CNN Interview

We were excited to chat with Brad Pomerance about LAGG and how to get involved. This might answer any basic questions you have about guerrilla gardening and how to get involved.

Seed Bomb Video

A quick little video to show you how to make seed bombs. If you have questions on ingredients, check out our Tips & Tricks page. Special thanks to Bonnie Hawthorne for shooting and editing this little gem.

Foam Magazine


Gardening is No Longer Strictly the Province of Retirees by Kate Williams The term Guerrilla Gardening sounds violent, but the Guerrilla Gardening movement is a peaceful one , in which devotees plant and cultivate land not stirctly thier own… Read full interview with Roly Poly (PDF)

Columbia Pioneers Interview

Troop members interviewed: Bulbil321, Greenhaus, Mr. Stamen, Manure and Roly Poly

89.9 KCRW


Frances Anderton came to our latest mission and interviewed a few troop members.