Seed Bomb Video

A quick little video to show you how to make seed bombs. If you have questions on ingredients, check out our Tips & Tricks page. Special thanks to Bonnie Hawthorne for shooting and editing this little gem.

Seed Bomb Workshop | Girl Scout Troop 11865

Mr. Stamen visited Girl Scout Troop 11865 in Torrance to teach them about Guerrilla Gardening and help create seedbombs. The girls were excited to get their hands dirty and learn how to beautify their neighborhoods.

Seed Bomb Workshop (Manual Arts HS)

August 6, 2008  |  Seed Bomb Workshop  |  Manual Arts High School Mr. Stamen and Roly Poly visited Manual Arts High School to help with a special program hosted by UC Berkeley, encouraging students to monitor pollution in LA and research ways to prevent it. Read more about the program at: |